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About me



My mission is to empower individuals who are driven by contributing towards a just, equitable and sustainable world to explore their source of compassion and align with their values so that they can thrive and amplify the positive difference that they are driven to make. 

I am passionate about this because I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, drained and doubting your impact - and I refuse to accept that this is the price-tag for our drive to make the world a better place for us all. 


Over the past 10 years, I have studied and worked on educational inequality in sub-Saharan Africa with local governments, international organisations and non-profits. It has been a really exciting and privileged journey, allowing me to collaborate with passionate policy-makers and other dedicated, social change professionals. 


This journey has also been accompanied by a personal roller-coaster of experiences including a burnout in the early years of my career and witnessing others undergo the same.

When I combine my insights from these adventures so far, I have no doubt, that when we thrive, our impact magnifies. The flip-side of that means that when we are not thriving we are not only experiencing personal discomfort in the quest for positive impact but also robbing the world of the change we can create at our full potential. And that is simply not OK - because we all loose!

So how do we thrive in our quest for positive impact? In my experience, this is a deeply personal journey that takes testing and tailoring along the way. As we live in tanks of constant change, it requires persistent attention and willingness to find (re)alignment with our values and discovering what we need to thrive. It is a path I have committed myself to and which I am constantly exploring and learning about, working with coaches and well-being practitioners along the way.

The biggest source of inspiration on my personal quest is investigating and integrating compassion. "Compassion" is a concept that speaks both to my drive for making a positive impact and my personal well-being. Finding the balance between extending compassion for the world, for others and for myself has anchored me in my own journey and continues to inspire me. You will therefore find me investigating and working with this concept from different angles and I will often use it as a foundation in our work together. You can read about how I started my personal journey with compassion here. 

Today, I guide others as a certified coach in exploring this path. The natural tendency for people who care about changing the world is often to focus on the needs of others, putting themselves at risk for burning out by either working out of alignment with their values or by working themselves too hard. I have therefore found it essential for my clients - and for myself - to dedicate time to work with themselves.

Wherever you might be on your quest, I strive to work with these themes in a number of ways:

  • Offering tailored coaching programmes for XXX;

  • Curating a community of curious and compassion-driven professionals for inspiration;

  • Sharing simple and tangible ways of exploring, cultivating and balancing compassion for ourselves, others and the planet.

In parallel to this, I offer sound bath sessions, which have been one of my personal key ingredients to uncover my well-being needs. Head over to the dedicated Sound Bath section of my website if you are curious about exploring this further.

Whichever pathway of curiosity brought you here, I am grateful to connect!




  • Accredited Coach - International Coach Federation.

  • Applied Compassion Training - Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, Stanford Universityn (ongoing).

  • Compassion Integrity Training - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

  • The Science of Well-being - Yale University.

Academic Qualifications

  • MPA International Development - London School of Economics and Political Science.

  • BSc Economics - School of Oriental and African Studies


  • Download my CV here

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